Morro de São Paulo, Bahia, Brazil

Morro de São Paulo- one of five villages on the island of Tinharé, Brazil.  MDSP is a place of pure tropical paradise- with some of the clearest waters and most beautiful beaches in the world.

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Morro de São Paulo is not a place I thought I would visit.  My friend and I were staying in Salvador, Brazil, planning on visiting a national park.  However, our itinerary quickly changed when the bus tickets to the park were sold out!  Since I met a few people who highly recommended the village, I immediately booked a round trip boat ticket to the magical island.

Since the majority of my trips are "backpacker style", my friend Kelsey and I stayed in a hostel called Che Lagarto.  Che Lagarto was more like a mini hotel!  We had our own room and bathroom- which is super rare for hostel life.  Surrounded by nature and the beautiful beaches, Che Lagarto is clean and full of travelers from all over the globe.  They have a lovely common area with hammocks and a game room, and a mini bar stocked with yummy traditional cocktails.

Since we only had 24 hours, we immediately changed into swim suits and went straight to the beach.  We did not have time for any tours, but were completely content with relaxing near the ocean, piña coladas in hand. 

One of my favorite parts about the island is that all of the restaurants are right on the beach!  One gets to dine by candlelight with toes in the sand.  These beachy restaurants make it a perfect (and romantic) place to watch the sunset.  And if you are looking to go out after dinner, nightlife on the island consists of traditional music and dancing on the beach until the early morning sun.

Oh, and the chocolate piña colada is HIGHLY recommended!

One thing I found interesing is Spanish (not Portuguese) is the first language on the island, even though Morro de São Paulo is part of Brazil.  There are not many Americans, for most of the tourists are from Argentina or Brazil.  


Poster at the hostel upon arrival- a sign?! ;)