Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Salvador- one my favorite places I visited.  Located in the northern part of Brazil in the state of Bahia, lies a beautiful, colorful city rich in culture.  I was instantly in love with Salvador the second upon arrival.  The rainbow city is booming with life, creativity, diversity, and soul.  The “Old Historic City” in Salvador is a traveler’s mecca.  I especially loved the old ornate churches that line the streets, and the people in Salvador are so so friendly!  (click below to scroll)

The first two nights I stayed in a hostel called: The Hostel Salvador.  This hostel is walking distance from the beach and night life.  It also has a beautiful roof top with a pool- you definitely get a bang for your buck!  The next two nights were spent in Hostel Gallery 13.  Located in the heart of the historic center, this hostel was my favorite.  Every night between 5:15pm-6:15pm the hostel owner hosts happy hour with free caipirinhas for all of the guests!  (One of the best caipirinhas I’ve tried, I might add)  This is a great way to meet fellow travelers, many of whom I am still friends with today.

The main restaurant I recommend is: Bar Zulu.  Bar Zulu is located in the historic center of Salvador (walking distance from Hostel Gallery 13) and it does not disappoint!  Their top dish is the Moqueca (meat, shrimp, or vegetarian) and the restaurant is vegan friendly.  The cocktails are all delicious, but I went with the caipirinha of course! 

(beaches & Bar Zulu below)

Get your Samba on…

If you are looking to go out at night, there is a row of dive bars right near the beach in Rio Vermelho (Salvador).  I had SO much fun going out here, but the city itself is dangerous- make sure you stick with a group of people that you trust.  Also, my friend and I made sure to remove all of our jewelry while we were visiting Salvador.  You do not want to stand out as a target for pickpocketers.  


Tuesdays:  The Tuesday night dance party was my absolute favorite!!  My next post will be solely on the samba dance party in the streets on Tuesday nights..

Throughout the week you can find outdoor samba concerts around the city.  Salvador loves to dance!  No wonder why I love this city so much…. <3