San Pedro de Atacama (Pt. 3)

The Atacama Desert offers SO many attractions, that it is quite frankly difficult to choose which ones to see!  Along with the recommendations from my previous posts, here are three more of my top choices…


The Puritama Hot Springs is one of my favorite places in Atacama! (but mostly because I am a water girl) Nestled in the middle of the mountains lies an array of hot springs.  Walking down to the water is breathtaking.  The views are incredible, and dipping into the warm water surrounded by vegetation is nothing like I have ever experienced.  I am pretty sure I spent about two hours in the hot springs- I did not want to leave!  There are also showers/changing rooms available, as well as  picnic tables if you decide to bring lunch.


One of the last tours I signed up for was the stargazing tour.  Since you are located in the middle of a vast desert, the sky is completely clear- you get to see the entire Milky Way!  The tour was about two hours and very informative.  However, I must add that I did get cold by the end, since it starts at 10pm.  After the tour (which is all in Spanish), you get to view the sky through advanced telescopes- viewing stars and the planet Saturn- up close! (Because it was nighttime and the stars are so far away, I do no have any pictures!)


I recommend checking out Laguna Chaxa close to sunset.  What is so incredible about this place is you get to see flamingos in the desert, and the colors of the sunset are beyond STUN-NING!  The sky looks like it is on fire!  For about $4 you get a small tour and a history about the flamingos.  Truly incredible!

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