Why Chile?!

Prior to my drastic move to Chile (let’s be honest, I am always a bit dramatic), I knew nothing about the country.  I have never visited Chile, knew only one person here, and did not know any Spanish (besides “hola” - LOL).  Oh, and it is currently winter south of the Equator…

I’m insane, right?!

The opportunity came about when a good friend from LA put me in touch with someone living in Vitacura who was looking for an English-speaking housemate.  After doing some (minor) research of the area, I had the strongest gut feeling to move, but not a clue as to why.  I was looking to make a personal change, but I did not think that meant traveling 6,000+ miles from home to a foreign country!  However, I do know that when your gut is telling you to do something, always listen!  So that’s what I did.  I booked a one-way ticket to Santiago.  While at first it was definitely challenging and muy dificil (very difficult), it wound up being the best direction for my life at that exact moment.

Moving here was HARD and there were times I was scared, unsure of my decision, and even questioned my intuition about my move in the first place. However, I started to realize that tough times are true blessings. The most difficult moments I experienced provided me with opportunities for personal growth and inner expansion, and I even started a daily meditation routine — all very much needed!  After a rollercoaster month of questioning my life choices, things began to fall into place.  I enrolled in a Spanish Immersion program (ECELA), started working for a start up company founded by my good friend (BBXX), stumbled upon a yoga studio for women who spoke english, and found an amazing team for my blog!  Not to mention all the ah-mazing people I have met so far in my first two months.

Even though my Spanish skills are still horrendous, Santiago is becoming my second home, and I am beyond thankful for taking the leap of faith into the unknown.

The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone who is looking to make a change but unsure how to do so, is trust your gut/intuition.  (Even if it doesn't make sense.  Even if you are scared.)  All of these “un-sure” feelings are absolutely normal.  Our thoughts create our reality, so when we practice limiting beliefs as to why something cannot work, we are setting ourselves up for a limiting life.  We all deserve to be happy and we all deserve the absolute best- that’s why we are here!  So sit still, silence your mind, and see which direction your intuition is telling you to go…


                                                                  *Good Vibez Only*                  This picture was taken at one of my favorite restaurants in Santiago -   ADHANA

                                                                 *Good Vibez Only*

              This picture was taken at one of my favorite restaurants in Santiago - ADHANA