Buenos Aires, Argentina

The first night of my trip was an absolute world-wind!  I flew into Buenos Aires, Argentina and had less than 24 hours to explore the city.  With that being said, my friend Kelsey and I thought the best way to quickly see the city was by bike!  The tour we booked was through BA Bikes - a four-hour tour that takes you all over Buenos Aires.  We made multiple stops where our bike leader was also our tour guide, providing historic and culture facts about the diverse city.

My favorite neighborhood we biked through was La Boca.  La Boca is comprised of the most colorful streets in all of Buenos Aires!

After our bike tour, we went back to Milhouse Hostel to get ready for dinner.  Even though I was there only a night, this hostel provided a fun environment and is booming with backpackers from all over the world.  (They also have a hostel in Cusco!)

My only dinner in Buenos Aires was at La Cabrera Sur La Cabrera Sur, which I HIGHLY recommend!  Kelsey and I split a steak dinner, where the portion size was enough for four people.  {Not to mention the wine is amaze}.  Imported from Chile, we split only $25 for a bottle of Malbec, which is equivalent to $100+ in the United States!

Mas vino, por favor!