The other day my film crew and I got extremely lucky.  We were shooting around Vitacura, Santiago and came across an awesome wine bar called Vinolia.  Now, Vinolia is not your typical wine tasting bar.  They offer a unique, virtual reality wine tasting experience unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced! (And believe me, vino tasting is one of my favorite pasttimes and I consider myself a true wine-o!)

When you first walk into the gorgeously lit wine bar, you are surrounded by the best vinos in Chile.  The design of Vinolia gives you the sense that you are visiting a winery in the middle of the countryside.  The service here is first class- upon arrival, we were graciously offered an amazing Pino Noir and a cheese and charcuterie board.  Both were a joy to my taste buds.


After enjoying a glass of wine and some savory bites, we were guided into the aroma room.  In the aroma room you get to smell 48 different scents related to each of the wines. Here you pull a stopper from a large glass canister and try to guess the aroma.  This was a fascinating and unique experience!  From the aroma room you are lead into a wine barrel amphitheater.  Once seated, the vino experts take you on an unforgettable wine tasting journey throughout different vineyards in Casablanca and Colchagua (two very popular and highly recommended destinations outside of Santiago!) The video was fantastic- I felt like I was flying over each vineyard! (all while drinking first-class vino)


During our virtual tasting, we had the chance to taste-test a total of five delectable wines (one white, four red).  We were given an in-depth explanation about each particular wine and the vineyard it was produced at.  A lovely cheese plate was offered during our experience as well.


I will say, Vinolia is a must-visit destination in Santiago!  Vinolia is not just a place to purchase a glass of wine, but an experience to heighten all of your senses.  

Thank you, Vinolia, for a true wine tasting adventure in the heart of the city <3

{The tour is offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese!}