Meditation.  A word that seems quite scary to most.  A word that can make one feel uneasy, resistant, or even anxious. 

Taking time to sit in silence?  Quieting the mind? What does that even mean?  As westerners, it is a concept that goes against everything we are taught.  Since we are young, the majority of us are programmed to constantly work hard, that if we stop for one second, we are holding ourselves back from succeeding or reaching our goals.

While it is important to strive every day towards what we want to achieve, we must do so with a quiet mind.  When we become still and go within, this is where we can accomplish anything we set our mind to.  We break all of the barriers that might be holding us back - we diminish our limiting beliefs.  We ease stress and our anxiety while enhancing our creativity. 

Through meditation we unlock our potential to create an outcome we ultimately desire.  We change our lives. 

I can attest for this firsthand.  When I was young, I was very competitive.  I started competing in dance when I was eight, and by the time I was 11 I was a competitive gymnast.  I was always go, go, go, and strived to always win.  However, this completely changed for me one night in 1998, when I was around 11 years old.  At this time I had joined a diving team and fell in love with the sport (I later ended all other sports to focus solely on diving).   During this particular evening, my diving coach had us watch an old video about using visualization to succeed in sports.  This was a complete game changer in my life (no pun intended!).  The tape taught me how to tap into the power of visualization to achieve what I wanted, and how to create an outcome I desired – basically I learned the buzzword we hear everywhere today, Manifestation.   

The video taught me how to go within and to always focus on the positive (never the negative) outcome when diving.  I learned how to replay each dive in my mind over and over again, performing it perfectly.  The video provided me with tools on how to not let my external environment affect me in any way, always knowing I had the power to be successful, no matter what anyone else tells me.

And you know what’s crazy? It worked. 

From that moment on I trained my mind before each dive, taking time to visualize how I would perform. I started to see success with this technique and used the method in other aspects of my life.

 When my visualization meditation was on, so was my diving.  When I was mentally off, I did not perform well.  I noticed a pattern and began to realize how powerful this new tool was.  The funny thing  – I did not even realize this was meditation.   In fact, this was way before Yoga was even popular in the US.

Flash forward to 2012

…the year I discovered what we call “mindfulness” today.  This was another pivotal time in my life.  I began to read about the power of the mind and meditation, started practicing yoga religiously, and took an interest in studying metaphysics and the science behind shifting our subconscious.

During this spiritual awakening, I was encouraged to meditate by mentors and friends – but why?  I thought it was impossible for me to sit in silence, and to go within.  My mind was completely all over the place.  Yoga had helped, but I definitely needed more guidance.  That was the moment it all clicked with me.  “I started meditating when I was 11 years old.  And it worked!”   I decided to give meditation a second chance.  Soon sitting for 5 minutes turned into 10, which turned into 20.  The benefits were crazy.  I started to unlock creativity that felt dormant inside of me.  I started to release stored emotions that were embedded in my subconscious that no longer served me.  My sleep patterns improved, and my mind started to regain more clarity.  I received “ah-ha!” moments more easily, and life seemed to flow better.  My body and mind soon craved meditation, that quiet time where it is just me, myself, and I.  The time where I tapped into my subconscious and created change.


 While not always easy, meditation is extremely beneficial and life changing.  I will say, like going to the gym, you might not see changes the first time or overnight.  But with discipline and practice, your life will shift.  You will start to see the world through different, more vibrant eyes.  Meditation teaches you to live more in the moment, to enjoy the little things in life.  The practice takes you back to what really matters – inner growth.  It enhances compassion and joy by decreasing cortisol and other stress hormones within the body.


With that being said, I encourage you to listen to my podcast interview with The Global Travel Channel Podcast Show to hear more of my story and how meditation greatly changed my life.  I offer some techniques and personal examples of how to meditate for the first time – meditation really is for everyone!

Thank you to the Global Travel Channel Podcast Show for having me.  Please don’t hesitate to comment or reach out!


*Tune in this week to listen to my guided meditation*


At one point in time I was constantly feeling anxious, tired, and downright unhappy. After refusing to live another moment completely fear-based, I knew my mind had to go through some major reprogramming in order to shift me out of this “funk”. Through countless books, self-development workshops, yoga/meditation, energy healing classes, and googling all things spiritual (you name it!), life started to become a bit easier. Things slowly began working out - and in ways I never expected. Honestly, once I went within, life began to drastically change.

Though a lifelong process, I wanted to share some key principles that continue to help reprogram my mindset while cultivating positive growth.

 Just take what rings true to you and discard the rest. I would love to hear your feedback and/or any advice you might have as well!

  • Everyone we meet is a mirror image of our being. If we are bothered by someone, they are reflecting back what needs to be healed within ourselves

  • We are ALL connected – every human, animal, plant, life-form on Earth

  • Everyone’s thoughts + actions affect the consciousness of the planet

  • We must be aware of any limiting beliefs. It can take a while to un-program old thought patterns that no longer serve us, but every ounce of effort leads us closer to enlightenment

  • The reason we are “here” is for soul growth

  • Money is energy

  • We all have a certain path and we are all meant to succeed (in our own way)

  • We are all uniquely programmed and exude different vibrations 

  • Our energies are constantly shifting throughout our life time, and we attract what we put out in our energetic field

  • We have the ability to create a life we truly desire

  • Thoughts create our reality + what we perceive

  • Be aware of synchronicities (“meaningful coincidences”) - these are signs you are on the right path

  • We are responsible for how we feel

  • We hold the answers to everything in life - all we have to do is practice going within

  • It is crucial to align ourselves with others who respect and love us

  • Fear based friendships/relationships will only leave you feeling depleted + drained

  • Protect/clear your energy field + chakras daily

  • Practice meditation/yoga to help stay grounded

  • We always have two choices: love or fear

  • Change is the way to self-growth. Though messy and hard at times, the outcome is always for our highest good

  • Practice vulnerability

  • Show compassion to all

  • Take time to listen

  • Be true to you (authenticity)

  • The past and future do not exist

  • Seeing 11:11 repeatedly is a message that you are in alignment

  • Earth is one big school, take time to learn from others

  • The universe is always speaking to us, guiding us. We hear the answers when we are fully present

    “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung



Just like the majority of expats here in Bali, my 60-day visa was about to expire – which left me wondering “where the heck I am going to make my visa run?!”  When you arrive in Bali, the maximum amount of time you can stay in the country is 30 days, unless you pay $35 upon arrival (plus an extra $40 to an agent afterwards) to extend an additional 30 days.


Since I have taken on the digital nomad way of life here in Ubud, I have decided to opt for the latter option.  I will admit, not only is an extended visa a great idea if you plan on living in Bali longer than one month, but you can skip the long customs line when you land.  (Yes, you bypass the “normal” line and go through a different immigration queue!)

With only two days until I had to leave the country, I decided to head to Malaysia for a quick visit.  On my first visa run I traveled to Singapore and fell in love with the city.  Singapore was futuristic, clean, + jammed packed with culture.  While I plan on revisiting Singapore, there was something about Malaysia that intrigued me.  Malaysia is a place I’d never thought I’d visit, but now, a new gem to discover.  With only 48 hours to go, I booked my plane tickets to Kuala Lumpur!

Below is my itinerary for exploring the city in a day!  It can be done…

Hotel: If you have an AMEX credit card, I highly recommend signing up for the Starwood points option.  Like Sky Miles, you obtain points as you use your card, which will help you score some free SPG rooms in some of the nicest hotels.  Since I rarely use my points (I normally opt for hostels or guest houses when traveling), I decided this was the best way to go in KL.  I wound up booking the Element Hotel owned by the Westin.  For only 7,000 points/night, and centrally located, it was quite the steal!

Normal hotel cost: Element Kuala Lumpur

I absolutely loved this hotel.  Check in was on the 38th floor of the building, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows.  My room was HUGE – big comfy bed, high quality amenities, + fantastic views.  Since I arrived late, I was ready for a good night’s rest.

 I woke up early the next morning for a work-call (US time) and then made my way to the gym.  Similar to the reception and my room, the gym was very clean and spacious, not to mention the gym had floor to ceiling windows (which made running on the treadmill a little less painful!)

Afterwards -- breakfast time!  Another perk to being a Starwood Member is free access to the buffet breakfast (which did not disappoint!)  From fresh squeezed juices, to custom made omelets, I was in heaven.  The service was also impeccable.  This was a nice treat since I had some work to do in the morning.  I was able to find a cozy seat near the window with a bird’s eye view of the city – working digital nomad style, latte in hand!

Batu Caves

I only had a half day to explore, so my first stop was the Batu Caves.  From my hotel, the ride was about 35-40 minutes and was easily set up with the concierge.  Upon arrival, the steps and surroundings were so colorful and inviting -- A photog’s playground!  

Know Now: 


·      There is no cost to enter the caves

·      A simple 272 steps brings you to the Batu Cave entrance

·      The interior was filled with limestone formations said to be 400 million years old

·      Your legs must be covered - for around 50 cents you can rent a sarong to wrap around your waist

·      There are private tours that last around 45 minutes (I opted to walk around solo)

·      It becomes quite hot, especially walking up the steps, so try to visit in the morning

·      A bit touristy but worth it!


After my visit to the Batu Caves, my driver took me on a quick visit to Chinatown.  Honestly, I wish I had more time to spend here!  Chinatown was filled with bustling tourists, designer knock-offs for bargain deals + authentic street food.

Know Now:

·      Petaling Street Market: Known for clothes and accessories, there are a TON of knock-off stands, but you must visit in the morning or around lunch because they close down shop around 3pm.

·      You can find local artists selling paintings and crafts at the Central Market

·      The street food is yummy!  Chinatown is known for its noodles + curry dishes

·      There is an array of ornate temples nearby, with different carvings of Hindu deities 

Petronas Twin Towers

After a quick rest from my afternoon touring, I made my way to the #1 tourist destination – The Petronas Twin Towers.  This was a quick 15-minute walk from my hotel.

Know Now:

·      A must for pictures!

·      The Petronas towers are the tallest twin towers in the world

·      Make sure to go at night for the best picture quality

·      45-minute tours are available, which takes you to the Skybridge on the 41st floor and observation deck on the 86th floor (sold in advance online)

Roof-Top Bar

After visiting the towers, I was quite exhausted from the day but decided to hit up one more spot.  I decided to check out a roof-top bar close by called Heli Lounge Bar

Know Now:

·      The restaurant/bar is fully functional helipad during the day, turned restaurant/bar at night

·      The roof setting gives you a 360-degree view of Kuala Lumpur’s iconic skyline

·      I recommend going to watch the sunset!

·      The retro décor is made from old airplane parts

There you have it – Kuala Lumpur in a day!  While Singapore still won me over as a visa run fav, Malaysia is definitely a country I recommend exploring!


Have more time?  Three additional KL attractions to add to your itinerary!

·      KL Bird Park

·      KL Tower

·      Fountain Show at Lake Symphony


Living Your Most Authentic Life.

The idea behind The Now With Nat came to me when I decided to shift my mindset from constant mind-chatter + rehashing my future, to making a conscious effort to live more in the present moment. From doing so, I started to notice positive changes and soon became aware of opportunities around me. I knew there was truth in this theory, and I was eager to discover more!

As a society, we are programmed to over think, over indulge, + over exude ourselves in every aspect of our lives. But what if we took a moment to just be content with where we are now, in this very instant? To trust that life was going to work out in our favor?  I knew this challenging concept was essential for self growth. In order to be fully present I had to make changes that shifted my energy. This meant detaching myself from what has happened in the past and from what was “going” to happen in the future.

Easier said than done, right?!

Stress and anxiety are created from a busy mind recycling the same thoughts over and over - from replaying past, perhaps traumatic, experiences, and projecting a false future for ourselves that is simply not real. These forms of thinking create an energy that leaves us feeling “stuck” and confused as to why our lives are not quite moving in the direction we ultimately desire. Constant worry is a form of attachment which leads to living out of alignment. The more we live out of alignment, the more prone we are to ailments, depression and dis-ease.

What does living in the now mean?

To me, living in the now is non-resistance to all circumstances in our lives. It is a sense of trust that we must cultivate. It is a constant learning experience to become in alignment with our purpose. Ironically, by chasing life we start to feel less happy and more depressed, for “chasing” takes us out of the present moment, or living in the now. Our mind, body and soul crave moments to just BE. By BE-coming present, an energy within us changes, opening up a new wave of experiences + opportunities in our current reality. 

So how do we live life in the now?

Living in the now is a lifelong practice, but there are many steps to take to begin the shift. For me, I start my day with a grounding technique. This can be done by practicing yoga, meditating, and/or journaling (to name a few!).  This helps set the tone for the rest of the day.  {Click here to read my previous post on how to ground.}

Living in the now is an awareness that this exact moment is all that exists. It is calming the mind and working every day to reprogram our thoughts. Our thoughts create our inner + outer reality, so it is important that our inner dialogue is as positive as possible. To live more presently, I use positive affirmations to change my outer circumstances. I highly recommend the book: You Can Heal Your Life by, Louise Hay - she has amazing affirmations you can implement in your day to day routine!  {Click here for affirmation ideas to help you step into your ultimate power.}

Living in the now is not always easy, but crucial. By being conscious of our thoughts, and working day to day to make changes, you will start receiving new downloads, insights + ah-ha! moments that will positively steer your life in the direction you desire.

“The art of life is to live in the present moment.” - Emmet Fox

I would love to hear your feedback on any techniques that help you stay more present, and/or any stories on how shifting your perspective has changed your life. <3



Whether you are digital nomad or working a 9-5 job, living in a foreign country is a completely different experience than taking a quick holiday.  Upon arrival, a giant self-realization seems to hit you — “wow, this is my new HOME” — no more comforts or familiarities you once took for granted.  Depending on where you relocate to, this can consist of different foods, activities, customs, languages, and/or social norms.  I strongly feel that when we travel, we become the outsider looking in. We take in new experiences + cultures, embracing the people we meet, but maybe not staying long enough to FULLY absorb ourselves in it.  For me, time-constraint traveling is about quick relationships, trying the best restaurants, and dancing into the wee hours of the night on a Monday (if you are like me and love to dance!)  But what does living abroad for an extending period of time (at least three months) REALLY feel like?  Let me explain.

Back in 2017 when I decided to travel for a month through South America, my trip was based on sight-seeing, over night buses, new foods, trying the best local cocktails, and living on pure adrenaline.  I had an absolute BLAST — probably one of the most impactful moments of my life.  Traveling really does open your eyes to living life through a different lens.  When connecting with others from other countries, the knowledge and conversations you exchange is beyond priceless, not to mention getting to know a foreign place with other travelers.  I cannot stress how visiting “different” places than what you are used to is beyond impactful.  And 9 times out of 10, you catch the travel bug and cannot wait to plan your next trip!  However, for me personally, when I made the decision to live abroad in Chile (and now Bali!) my journey started out quite differently than my whirlwind, adventurous month exploring four countries.


At first, moving to Santiago, Chile was tough.  I knew only one person, I had a new “home” that was different than my one bedroom apartment in LA, and I did not know ANY Spanish.  It was quite a learning experience to navigate around a brand new city, look for work, and adapt to a different way of life.  Living in Chile was more slow than my last traveling experience, and I had to get used to a foreign place actually being my home.  I was not in a hostel situation with other remote travelers, and if I wanted to meet people I had to make an effort to put myself out there.  

I am not going to lie, I felt a bit lonely the first week or two.  While my new room mate was nice (we are now very good friends), I still felt a bit out of place.  An American girl living in Santiago — never thought I’d say that!  But I was anxious to make Chile my new home. 

New to the Language? Enroll in a school or find a tutor!

Since my level of Spanish at the time was zero, I enrolled in a four week intensive Spanish school.  This was one of the best decisions I’ve made in Chile.  Immediately, I was with other people who were both new to the city and trying to learn the language, and also with Chileans who were teaching me how to speak!  The school provided fun, cultural events and getaways for us, and I was able to connect with both expats and Chileans. (I studied at ECELA Santiago - highly recommended!)

Work Cafes + Co-working Spaces

 Also during my first month, I got hired to work with a start-up company through Start Up Chile.  This opportunity was a life saver for me.  For those who are digital nomads who are looking to move, I highly recommend joining a co-working space.  The co-working spaces give you a sense of a work environment, while connecting you to like-minded people.  There are many perks to co-working such as meet-ups, workshops, and weekend excursions.  If co-working spaces are not available to you or out of your price range, check out some FB groups or local cafes that are known for co-working.  This is a great way to see more of the city while working hand in hand with others.  Now, in select countries, there are co-living situations.  Two popular companies being: Roam and Outsite.

The Power of Facebook Groups

Another HUGE tool for living the expat life is Facebook.  I cannot stress enough how important Facebook is for those both traveling and moving to a new country.  There are some fantastic FB groups where you can find any information you might desire about the particular place you are living in.  One group that has greatly helped me is Discover Chile.  These FB groups are quite easy to find — just through one simple search.

Explore Your New Home

While I was in Santiago, I was fortunate enough to explore Chile.  By seeing other parts of this magical country, it brought back my sense of travel and wanderlust. I feel very thankful for the opportunities presented to me while living abroad.  I was lucky to travel with some new friends I had met, both expats and locals.  There are ways to travel around inexpensively and easily — hostels, buses, shared rides, and advice from your local friends (to name a few).

Make Friends with the Locals

While it is comforting to hang out with other expats, make an effort to connect with the locals, wherever you are!  I have learned SO much from my Chilean friends - and realized how much we actually all have in common.  Yes, while the language barrier is apparent at times, this obstacle just pushes you more to learn the local language and connect on a deeper level.  Force yourself out of your comfort zone and into a new culture!  My Chilean friends have taught me so much.  I have also greatly improved my Spanish through my friends.

Join Meet Up Groups

Join a group!  After a few months getting settled into my new Santiago home, I joined a workout group to meet more people and adapt a consistent work out routine.  Here is when my friend group expanded (and helped me learn more Spanish!)  My class was only in Spanish, and I became very close with both my trainer and others in the class.  

There were also some great events every week in Santiago — such as language exchanges, stand up comedy shows, and an improv group.  By putting yourself out there, you will not only become involved with the community, but meet people with similar interests.

After a few months, Chile was more than a place to live but my new home.  By experiencing some hard times and set backs, I had the chance to change and grow.  I also have had some of the BEST experiences in Chile, and my time there is so dear to my heart.  I truly feel as if I am a different person for the better.  

I am also fortunate enough to say that my friends are from all over the world — Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Australia, London, Sweden, Mexico (to name a few). I simply could not imagine my life without my group. 

So if you are looking to move to a new country, and this is your first time doing so, be prepared for CHANGE and embrace all the emotions that come with it.  I am currently in Bali for a few months going through the new transition myself, with flashbacks of my month in Chile.  Please be patient and easy on yourself.  Living a life in a new country is the most rewarding experience you can embark on, but know that it can take some time.  Practice grounding techniques and journal — more tools that have helped me feel more at home!  Allow yourself to receive and be open to ANYTHING.  You will be astonished at what the universe brings to you. <3




For many (or most) of us, the word “change” can be scary and/or uncomfortable.  It is a word and a concept that can mistakenly take us by surprise and cause a shift in our daily routine.  As I sit at a cafe in Ubud, Bali, looking back on the past year, it is undoubtedly crazy how much change I went through.  In May 2017 I put in my leave of absence at my corporate job, preparing my move to Chile in June, and not having the slightest clue as to what to expect.  My move to Chile brought immense amounts of change, in some ways more difficult than others.  It brought about the obvious, like language, culture, and living situation changes.  But along with those came others I did not expect - changes with my way of thinking, my beliefs, what I really want out of life.  Not to mention huge changes spiritually - not just within my self but also in my career.  Continuing forward, my move to Chile led to my one month stay in Bali, an enormous change that basically happened overnight, and would not have been possible without my South America venture.

So how do we deal with these changes when they arise?  How to we break out of fear mode to allow the changes to come into fruition?  From someone who likes to control things, we must trust.  Divine timing is always perfect.  When we are presented with a challenging change or perhaps an “out of the blue” seemingly positive change, we must feel what we are going through and use it for personal development to further better our lives.  Change is the catalyst to growth, which is the catalyst to positive transformation, which pushes us to living our highest potential.  We must know the dark to experience the light.  We must believe as we delve into new concepts and ways of living.  Once we accept change, our growth accelerates.  Moving forward, if change is extra scary for you, start small.  Watch how the little day to day changes you make greatly affects your life.  From there, trust builds and even greater miracles will occur. <3

Allow. Trust. Feel. Know. Believe. Accept


-The Now With Nat




My Top 5 Techniques To Stay Grounded...

We are awakening in this very moment to a global transformation.   Intense energy is coming through at lightning speed, through solar activations, lunar cycles and shifts in consciousness (to name a few).  It is important during this time to protect ourselves and to stay grounded as our DNA is re-wiring and re-activating, dissolving old timelines and programmed thoughts that have been embedded in our soul since the beginning of time.  As the energy shifts, we can feel less balanced, lethargic, experience head aches, and just feel “off”. 

The new year energy started off STRONG (leaving many of us feeling confused and a bit sad) as we dropped old habits, people, situations, and thoughts that no longer serve us.  Below are my top five ways to remain grounded during these intense, yet transformative, times of change. <3


Spending time in nature simply connecting to the Earth rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul.  Spend time by the beach, go on a hike, or simply dig your bare feet onto the ground.  A mere 20 minutes can do wonders, leaving you with a sense of clarity and peace.


Through yoga, one not only gets a great physical work out, but obtains a healthier mind as well.  Yoga and meditation teaches us the act of breath work as we train our minds to be still by sitting in silence or hold challenging poses.  The practice of yoga also creates balance and detoxification within our body and organs.  Old emotions and dense vibrations are released, creating more space for light energy.


Journaling is one of my favorite techniques to release old thought patterns and to gain insight about a specific situation or obstacle I might be facing.  Journaling gets our creative juices flowing as we let our emotions out on paper.  I find this technique freeing.  Sometimes a single thought turns into a few pages worth of expression and releasing.  If you are a first timer, I guarantee you will be surprised how much information comes out on paper.


Sea salt baths purify you on a spiritual level.  The salt draws out and dissolves negative energies that we hold in our bodies, perhaps from our own thoughts and experiences, or interactions with other people.  When we surround ourselves with others who might feel anxious or stressed, we can naturally take on that energy as if our own.  Salt not only grounds you, but clears your aura as well - leaving you feeling lighter and more balanced.


What drives your soul? Do you like to paint? Draw? Play an instrument? Plan an event?  Think of something that you LOVE or miss doing.  If this seems impossible, what small step can you take to get closer to feeling creative?  As we embrace our passions and acknowledge our creativity, (without judgement), our vibrations rise, creating a balance between mind+body+spirit.

"With greater understanding comes greater knowing.  With greater knowing comes greater self realization. With greater self realization comes greater wisdom. With greater wisdom comes greater truth. With greater truth comes comes greater self expansion. With greater self expansion comes greater knowledge that we are everything, yet nothing."                   

- The Now With Nat



With all the new (and rare) moon cycles since the beg of December, which has brought an intense flow of new energy, we have all been feeling the shift - which has been somewhat (or very) difficult for a lot of us.  Personally, the last month has been challenging after not feeling well and very low on energy.  I am just starting to get my groove back!  My life also completely took a new direction and pointed me towards my next path here in Chile.  It is scary, yet exciting, but the goal is to work on staying grounded and present during these intense energetic changes. 

We just had one more new moon this month in Pisces which brought a sense of completion as we wrap the astrological new year (phew!) Now is the time to go deep within and focus on healing sensitive issues and past life events.  Focus on honesty, communication, and truth within yourself - this will bring a greater sense of balance during this time.  Tap into your creative juices and don't hold back - let your imagination run wild. 


What feeds your soul?  What improves your overall wellbeing?! This is the perfect time for inner reflection.

This was a very psychic new moon so trust your dreams and your intuition.  Dive inside and see where your life takes you...

XO, Nat



I am SO excited to announce that I have entered a contest to be Cancun's next Experience Officer!  What does this entail?!  If I am selected, I will move to Cancun for six months where I will document and highlight all of the amazing-ness Cancun has to offer!  My goal will be to make the number one destination site in the entire world for Cancun, and to personally help everyone plan their next getaway by tailoring specific packages to fit one’s needs. Whether it is your first or 1,000th time traveling, I would love to provide guidance and assistance so anyone can embark on the life changing adventures they deserve!

Check out my one-min video below, and make sure to click the link to vote.  Every vote counts!  VOTE HERE !

Thank you all for your support ❤️