At one point in time I was constantly feeling anxious, tired, and downright unhappy. After refusing to live another moment completely fear-based, I knew my mind had to go through some major reprogramming in order to shift me out of this “funk”. Through countless books, self-development workshops, yoga/meditation, energy healing classes, and googling all things spiritual (you name it!), life started to become a bit easier. Things slowly began working out - and in ways I never expected. Honestly, once I went within, life began to drastically change.

Though a lifelong process, I wanted to share some key principles that continue to help reprogram my mindset while cultivating positive growth.

 Just take what rings true to you and discard the rest. I would love to hear your feedback and/or any advice you might have as well!

  • Everyone we meet is a mirror image of our being. If we are bothered by someone, they are reflecting back what needs to be healed within ourselves

  • We are ALL connected – every human, animal, plant, life-form on Earth

  • Everyone’s thoughts + actions affect the consciousness of the planet

  • We must be aware of any limiting beliefs. It can take a while to un-program old thought patterns that no longer serve us, but every ounce of effort leads us closer to enlightenment

  • The reason we are “here” is for soul growth

  • Money is energy

  • We all have a certain path and we are all meant to succeed (in our own way)

  • We are all uniquely programmed and exude different vibrations 

  • Our energies are constantly shifting throughout our life time, and we attract what we put out in our energetic field

  • We have the ability to create a life we truly desire

  • Thoughts create our reality + what we perceive

  • Be aware of synchronicities (“meaningful coincidences”) - these are signs you are on the right path

  • We are responsible for how we feel

  • We hold the answers to everything in life - all we have to do is practice going within

  • It is crucial to align ourselves with others who respect and love us

  • Fear based friendships/relationships will only leave you feeling depleted + drained

  • Protect/clear your energy field + chakras daily

  • Practice meditation/yoga to help stay grounded

  • We always have two choices: love or fear

  • Change is the way to self-growth. Though messy and hard at times, the outcome is always for our highest good

  • Practice vulnerability

  • Show compassion to all

  • Take time to listen

  • Be true to you (authenticity)

  • The past and future do not exist

  • Seeing 11:11 repeatedly is a message that you are in alignment

  • Earth is one big school, take time to learn from others

  • The universe is always speaking to us, guiding us. We hear the answers when we are fully present

    “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung



Living Your Most Authentic Life.

The idea behind The Now With Nat came to me when I decided to shift my mindset from constant mind-chatter + rehashing my future, to making a conscious effort to live more in the present moment. From doing so, I started to notice positive changes and soon became aware of opportunities around me. I knew there was truth in this theory, and I was eager to discover more!

As a society, we are programmed to over think, over indulge, + over exude ourselves in every aspect of our lives. But what if we took a moment to just be content with where we are now, in this very instant? To trust that life was going to work out in our favor?  I knew this challenging concept was essential for self growth. In order to be fully present I had to make changes that shifted my energy. This meant detaching myself from what has happened in the past and from what was “going” to happen in the future.

Easier said than done, right?!

Stress and anxiety are created from a busy mind recycling the same thoughts over and over - from replaying past, perhaps traumatic, experiences, and projecting a false future for ourselves that is simply not real. These forms of thinking create an energy that leaves us feeling “stuck” and confused as to why our lives are not quite moving in the direction we ultimately desire. Constant worry is a form of attachment which leads to living out of alignment. The more we live out of alignment, the more prone we are to ailments, depression and dis-ease.

What does living in the now mean?

To me, living in the now is non-resistance to all circumstances in our lives. It is a sense of trust that we must cultivate. It is a constant learning experience to become in alignment with our purpose. Ironically, by chasing life we start to feel less happy and more depressed, for “chasing” takes us out of the present moment, or living in the now. Our mind, body and soul crave moments to just BE. By BE-coming present, an energy within us changes, opening up a new wave of experiences + opportunities in our current reality. 

So how do we live life in the now?

Living in the now is a lifelong practice, but there are many steps to take to begin the shift. For me, I start my day with a grounding technique. This can be done by practicing yoga, meditating, and/or journaling (to name a few!).  This helps set the tone for the rest of the day.  {Click here to read my previous post on how to ground.}

Living in the now is an awareness that this exact moment is all that exists. It is calming the mind and working every day to reprogram our thoughts. Our thoughts create our inner + outer reality, so it is important that our inner dialogue is as positive as possible. To live more presently, I use positive affirmations to change my outer circumstances. I highly recommend the book: You Can Heal Your Life by, Louise Hay - she has amazing affirmations you can implement in your day to day routine!  {Click here for affirmation ideas to help you step into your ultimate power.}

Living in the now is not always easy, but crucial. By being conscious of our thoughts, and working day to day to make changes, you will start receiving new downloads, insights + ah-ha! moments that will positively steer your life in the direction you desire.

“The art of life is to live in the present moment.” - Emmet Fox

I would love to hear your feedback on any techniques that help you stay more present, and/or any stories on how shifting your perspective has changed your life. <3