At one point in time I was constantly feeling anxious, tired, and downright unhappy. After refusing to live another moment completely fear-based, I knew my mind had to go through some major reprogramming in order to shift me out of this “funk”. Through countless books, self-development workshops, yoga/meditation, energy healing classes, and googling all things spiritual (you name it!), life started to become a bit easier. Things slowly began working out - and in ways I never expected. Honestly, once I went within, life began to drastically change.

Though a lifelong process, I wanted to share some key principles that continue to help reprogram my mindset while cultivating positive growth.

 Just take what rings true to you and discard the rest. I would love to hear your feedback and/or any advice you might have as well!

  • Everyone we meet is a mirror image of our being. If we are bothered by someone, they are reflecting back what needs to be healed within ourselves

  • We are ALL connected – every human, animal, plant, life-form on Earth

  • Everyone’s thoughts + actions affect the consciousness of the planet

  • We must be aware of any limiting beliefs. It can take a while to un-program old thought patterns that no longer serve us, but every ounce of effort leads us closer to enlightenment

  • The reason we are “here” is for soul growth

  • Money is energy

  • We all have a certain path and we are all meant to succeed (in our own way)

  • We are all uniquely programmed and exude different vibrations 

  • Our energies are constantly shifting throughout our life time, and we attract what we put out in our energetic field

  • We have the ability to create a life we truly desire

  • Thoughts create our reality + what we perceive

  • Be aware of synchronicities (“meaningful coincidences”) - these are signs you are on the right path

  • We are responsible for how we feel

  • We hold the answers to everything in life - all we have to do is practice going within

  • It is crucial to align ourselves with others who respect and love us

  • Fear based friendships/relationships will only leave you feeling depleted + drained

  • Protect/clear your energy field + chakras daily

  • Practice meditation/yoga to help stay grounded

  • We always have two choices: love or fear

  • Change is the way to self-growth. Though messy and hard at times, the outcome is always for our highest good

  • Practice vulnerability

  • Show compassion to all

  • Take time to listen

  • Be true to you (authenticity)

  • The past and future do not exist

  • Seeing 11:11 repeatedly is a message that you are in alignment

  • Earth is one big school, take time to learn from others

  • The universe is always speaking to us, guiding us. We hear the answers when we are fully present

    “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung