With all the new (and rare) moon cycles since the beg of December, which has brought an intense flow of new energy, we have all been feeling the shift - which has been somewhat (or very) difficult for a lot of us.  Personally, the last month has been challenging after not feeling well and very low on energy.  I am just starting to get my groove back!  My life also completely took a new direction and pointed me towards my next path here in Chile.  It is scary, yet exciting, but the goal is to work on staying grounded and present during these intense energetic changes. 

We just had one more new moon this month in Pisces which brought a sense of completion as we wrap the astrological new year (phew!) Now is the time to go deep within and focus on healing sensitive issues and past life events.  Focus on honesty, communication, and truth within yourself - this will bring a greater sense of balance during this time.  Tap into your creative juices and don't hold back - let your imagination run wild. 


What feeds your soul?  What improves your overall wellbeing?! This is the perfect time for inner reflection.

This was a very psychic new moon so trust your dreams and your intuition.  Dive inside and see where your life takes you...

XO, Nat