My Top 5 Techniques To Stay Grounded...

We are awakening in this very moment to a global transformation.   Intense energy is coming through at lightning speed, through solar activations, lunar cycles and shifts in consciousness (to name a few).  It is important during this time to protect ourselves and to stay grounded as our DNA is re-wiring and re-activating, dissolving old timelines and programmed thoughts that have been embedded in our soul since the beginning of time.  As the energy shifts, we can feel less balanced, lethargic, experience head aches, and just feel “off”. 

The new year energy started off STRONG (leaving many of us feeling confused and a bit sad) as we dropped old habits, people, situations, and thoughts that no longer serve us.  Below are my top five ways to remain grounded during these intense, yet transformative, times of change. <3


Spending time in nature simply connecting to the Earth rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul.  Spend time by the beach, go on a hike, or simply dig your bare feet onto the ground.  A mere 20 minutes can do wonders, leaving you with a sense of clarity and peace.


Through yoga, one not only gets a great physical work out, but obtains a healthier mind as well.  Yoga and meditation teaches us the act of breath work as we train our minds to be still by sitting in silence or hold challenging poses.  The practice of yoga also creates balance and detoxification within our body and organs.  Old emotions and dense vibrations are released, creating more space for light energy.


Journaling is one of my favorite techniques to release old thought patterns and to gain insight about a specific situation or obstacle I might be facing.  Journaling gets our creative juices flowing as we let our emotions out on paper.  I find this technique freeing.  Sometimes a single thought turns into a few pages worth of expression and releasing.  If you are a first timer, I guarantee you will be surprised how much information comes out on paper.


Sea salt baths purify you on a spiritual level.  The salt draws out and dissolves negative energies that we hold in our bodies, perhaps from our own thoughts and experiences, or interactions with other people.  When we surround ourselves with others who might feel anxious or stressed, we can naturally take on that energy as if our own.  Salt not only grounds you, but clears your aura as well - leaving you feeling lighter and more balanced.


What drives your soul? Do you like to paint? Draw? Play an instrument? Plan an event?  Think of something that you LOVE or miss doing.  If this seems impossible, what small step can you take to get closer to feeling creative?  As we embrace our passions and acknowledge our creativity, (without judgement), our vibrations rise, creating a balance between mind+body+spirit.

"With greater understanding comes greater knowing.  With greater knowing comes greater self realization. With greater self realization comes greater wisdom. With greater wisdom comes greater truth. With greater truth comes comes greater self expansion. With greater self expansion comes greater knowledge that we are everything, yet nothing."                   

- The Now With Nat